Google Play Overhauled With New Algorithm To Cut Download Sizes Drastically
Google Play Overhauled With New Algorithm To Cut Download Sizes Drastically
Apr 24, 2024 5:04 AM

When it comes to smartphones, both hardware and software must deliver together for top performance. After all, the only purpose of hardware is to improve user experience, since without the latter, devices would have little function. Google's been paying special focus to its Play Store for quite a while. In fact, both Apple and Google have started to take a more developer friendly approach lately. Recently, Google announced some important updates to the Play Store, which should help out a lot of users out there.

Google Play Store Will Now Feature Data Friendly App Updates And Interface

The increase in the usage of Cellular data services and smartphone networking capabilities have ensured that users are always connected on the go. However, mobile data plans tend to run out rather quickly. This becomes even more the case if you've given your device permission to access application stores on cellular. Google's aware of that as well, and the latest Play Store updates should sort these problems out.

As hardware specifications, especially performance place greater expectations on software, app size sees a corresponding increase as well. Storage requirements for applications increase day by day, leading to increasing demands for data packages. Well, if you've been using Android, the latest changes introduced by Google should help you manage data plans efficiently. These changes include an all new algorithm and compartmentalization of updates, which will decrease download size.

download Google play store apk

The gist of these updates is the application of delta files and compression algorithms to APK extensions as well. This should result in only the bare essentials of extensions being downloaded. These, should be integrated within app data on the smartphone, and save up on crucial cellular data usage. These changes will be implemented by Google at the backend. For the front, interface upgrades have also been introduced.

You should now be able to monitor data usage more efficiently on the Play Store. It will now display cellular data usage and download sizes. These will include app sizes, in addition to APK downloads. Looks like Google is taking the right path with Play Store. It has to cater with a much larger user base after all. We're still waiting on more information for this year's Nexus devices. They will mark Android N's official debut after all. Right now, take a look at these updates and stay tuned for the latest.

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