Lenovo Executive Says That Windows 10 on ARM Machines Will Take Time to Mature – Customers Still Prefer Intel and AMD for Now
Lenovo Executive Says That Windows 10 on ARM Machines Will Take Time to Mature – Customers Still Prefer Intel and AMD for Now
Apr 24, 2024 5:36 AM

The Snapdragon 850 SoCwas released by Qualcomm during the Taipei trade show this year, reiterating its commitment to developing the Windows 10 for ARM platform further. Some days back, the first-generation of AlwaysConnected PCs powered by Snapdragon 835, like the Lenovo Miix 630 and the ASUS Chang 370, were launched officially.

These PCs aim to target customers with low-performance requirements such as a 20+ hour battery life and Gigabit 4G network.Unfortunately, reviews of such machines were met with a lot of criticism towards the performance issues mostly. The Snapdragon 850 is aiming to rectify these problems with immediate effect, though it will take some time for users to adopt this Windows 10 on ARM platform.

Lenovo Executive Believes That Customers Will Instinctively Pick up AMD or Intel-Powered Notebooks - ARM Is Comparatively New

Lenovo, which is a key partner of Qualcomm, AMD, and Intel, recently expressed its thoughts on the Windows 10 for ARM. President of Lenovo India, Rahul Agarwal, said during an interview that when people purchase Windows computers, they instinctively consider AMD or Intel platforms first.ARMis comparatively new and it will take it some time for it to get enough recognition.

He also pointed out that the AlwaysConnected PCs require customers to purchase a SIM card with the main internet access and incur costs for additional packages. This is not convenient for some users. He also stated that most people use their notebooks at offices, homes, and universities, where usage of 4G connectivity is often obscured because of the availability of Wi-Fi networks.

Lenovo is aiming to achievea500percentgrowth in the field of ultrathin notebooks this year but it can be assumed that the younger generation will be drawn to theseARM-based machines because of their diversity, portability, and personalization.While we are on the matter of ARM chips, Qualcomm is said to prepare a Snapdragon 1000, which is not going to be its official name, but it will feature a TDP of 12 watts, thus going head-to-head against Intel’s ‘U’ series of processors which have a TDP of 15W. In short, the performance gap between ARM against Intel and AMD chips will reduce, but in the far future.

As far as the issue of the 4G SIM connectivity is concerned, Qualcomm and Microsoft are well aware of it and have already proposed a solution. The solution is to support operators around the world in their endeavors to offer unlimited traffic packages. These packages will generally be offered for 12 months, For instance, the ASUS Chang 370 will come with a Telecom unlimited traffic card that will be valid for a year.

What things do you expect need to be tackled first in order for the Windows 10 for ARM platform to bring in more sales? Tell us down in the comments.

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