Microsoft Has Not Canceled the Surface Phone Codenamed Andromeda, but It Is Being Perfected for a Later Launch
Microsoft Has Not Canceled the Surface Phone Codenamed Andromeda, but It Is Being Perfected for a Later Launch
Apr 24, 2024 6:12 AM

It was rumored some days back that Microsoft has delayed the Surface Andromeda device for now and may shelve the project completely. Microsoft fans took to various online platforms to urge the company to reconsider its decisionin the form of a petition. A petition to save Andromeda hasreceived15,000 signatures so far. It now seems as if that Microsoft has not canceled the devicebecause a new report claims that the product that lots of media outlets are referring to as the Surface Phone is getting a significant amount of rework done.

Earlier Reports Indicated That Microsoft Had Taken the Andromeda Project to an Advanced Level of Functionality

Thurrott's Brad Sams says that even though some parts of Andromeda's OS won’t be included in the Redstone 5, fans shouldn’t be worried yet. Apparently, Microsoft thinks the hardware and software of the device right now are not compelling enough for its target audience.

This makes sense as there is no point in releasing Andromeda with older chipsets when Qualcomm is probably about to announce a newandmore powerful chipset early next year, which could be the 7nm Snapdragon 855. Sam wrote that the Surface brand is a premium product range and Microsoft is very careful about upholding its reputation. If Microsoft isn’t satisfied with Andromeda right now and releases it, it might fail miserably in the market. This will affect the overall reputation of the Surface brand negatively and there might be a ripple effect on theSurfacePro series as well, which are at the helm of the company’s premium product range.

Microsoft fans can now take solace in the fact that the Andromeda project hasn’t been canceled, it has just been delayed. The company is going to re-work the software and hardware and keep doing that until they create a product they are satisfied with. The Andromeda device may launch sometime next yearas we earlier reported that it would.

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News Source: Thurott

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