These Vision Pro Features Were Developed But Not Announced, Could Arrive By The Time The Headset Goes on Sale
These Vision Pro Features Were Developed But Not Announced, Could Arrive By The Time The Headset Goes on Sale
Jul 13, 2024 6:03 PM

Apple's Vision Pro headset will go on sale early next year as developers work to create different use cases for productivity and entertainment. While the device focuses on communication, entertainment, and productivity. It is now discovered that Apple developed various new features for the Vision Pro including health and wellness but did not announce them on stage. However, these features could make it to the final product at launch early next year.

Vision Pro Could launch with fitness and wellness features at launch but full-body tracking could be introduced later

According to The Information's Wayne Ma, Apple developed several features for the Vision Pro that were not announced on stage at WWDC 2023 on June 5. According to the analyst. Apple has not officially detailed the features at this point and could announce them in the future. Furthermore, the features would rest in the development phase until the device is announced. Potentially, the Vision Pro could launch without the rumored features and be part of the device later on via VisionOS updates.

Apple also announced iOS 17 at its WWDC event and highlighted only some of the major features. Additional details on the software were uncovered after the company released iOS 17 beta 1 to developers. Upon testing, developers found more features that were not announced on stage. Henceforth, the same can be said about VisionOS. Once VisionOS is available to developers and the public beta testers, the features part of the mix will be uncovered.

The unannounced list of features for the Vision Pro includes fitness and wellness apps. The details were uncovered by former Apple employees who worked with Apple to create the Vision Pro. The fitness and wellness apps will have collaborated with brands such as Nike and fitness tracking could include measuring sweat levels. One employee also suggested that the user would be required to wear the headset on a stationary bike and interact with the content.

Apple Vision Pro Features

Another feature includes full-body tracking which will potentially measure the intensity of the workout. Since the Vision Pro comes with two camera sensors for gestures and movement of the body. Wayne Ma states that Apple executives have told developers that full-body tracking will not be available at the launch of the Vision Pro headset early next year. However, the company did not rule out the feature which means that it could be announced later on.

Apple is also working on 3D content for the Vision Pro, allowing users to fully immerse in the virtual world. It is not clear what kind of content is part of Apple's plan but will find out in the coming months. Other features could include exclusive games for the headset and the company is pushing developers to enhance its library. Let us know your thoughts down below.

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