Apple CEO Tim Cook Claims That The Company Has Been Investing In Generative AI ‘For Years,’ But No Word On Apple GPT Launch
Apple CEO Tim Cook Claims That The Company Has Been Investing In Generative AI ‘For Years,’ But No Word On Apple GPT Launch
May 28, 2024 2:35 AM

Apart from announcing Apple’s Q3 2023 earnings, company CEO Tim Cook provided an update on the company’s progress with generative AI. Apparently, the firm has been investing in this category for years, but strange enough, we have yet to see any product or service materialize. It is no secret that Apple is lagging behind the competition, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT taking the world by storm, pressuring Microsoft and Google to come out with their own versions, Bing and Bard, respectively.

Tim Cook says that Apple is looking into ways that it can integrate AI technologies into its products to ‘enrich people’s lives’

While the company CEO was not asked about Apple GPT, which is the name of the chatbot that the staff has reportedly adopted for it, Cook spoke with Reuters, providing his stance on how generative AI can be used in future products.

“We’ve been doing research across a wide range of AI technologies, including generative AI, for years. We’re going to continue investing and innovating and responsibly advancing our products with these technologies to help enrich people’s lives. Obviously, we’re investing a lot, and it is showing up in the R&D spending that you're looking at.”

Tim Cook’s goal might be understood for generative AI, but it is still ambiguous in the sense that will this technology be integrated with Siri, or will we get a new chatbot that might officially be called Apple GPT? Previously, it was stated that Apple does not have a clear strategy for what its chatbot should do for consumers. It is also said that two company executives as apparently at oddson how to proceed with AI, which may delay the launch for some time.

Speaking with CNBC, Tim Cook said the same thing about the company investing heavily in AI, but just like with Reuters, the Chief Executive did not dive into details on what product or service can be created. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s progress in generative AI is behind its competitors, but the company is said to take its time and improve it.

“We view AI and ML as fundamental core technologies. And they are virtually embedded in every product that we build. On a research basis, we’ve been doing research on AI and machine learning, including generative AI, for years.”

As for a brief summary of Apple’s Q3 2023 earnings, the technology made $81.8 billion in revenue, which was a drop of 1 percent compared to the same period a year ago, and out of the aforementioned amount, it generated $19.9 billion in profit.

News Source: Reuters

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