Apple’s M2 Chipset Found in Upcoming, Designed MacBook Air to Be ‘Marginally Faster,’ May Feature up to a 10-Core GPU
Apple’s M2 Chipset Found in Upcoming, Designed MacBook Air to Be ‘Marginally Faster,’ May Feature up to a 10-Core GPU
Jul 13, 2024 5:54 PM

Apple’s M2 should be expected in the second half of 2022,and it will serve as the direct successor to the M1found in the MacBook Air and other models. Multiple reports have been doing the rounds that the new Apple Silicon will be found in the 2022 MacBook Air, which will feature a redesign of epic proportions, but the chipset itself fueling the portable machine will only be marginally faster, claims one reporter.

Apple Likely Sticking to 8-Core CPU for the M2, Though an Improved Architecture Possibly Results in Increased Performance, Power Efficiency

Though the exact CPU and GPU configuration of the M2 is unknown, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman states that the upcoming custom silicon will offer only a slight performance boost over the M1. Some readers may term that as a vague statement, but a previous report suggests that the M2 will feature an 8-core CPU, just like the M1. Perhaps TSMC’s 5nm process, which will likely be used to mass produce the upcoming chipset, will bring about several improvements.

For instance, the M1 equipped in the Mac mini idles at 7W and consumes 39 watts at maximum load. The M2 could utilize less power while performing the exact same task, and Gurman has implied that the GPU performance could also see an increase as the M2 is said to feature up to a 10-core GPU. With the M1, consumers were limited to an 8-core GPU, so Apple could bring a notable change to its upcoming SoC.

As for the 2022 MacBook Air, it will receive one of the biggest redesigns, ranging from a notch at the top, along with a display upgradein the form of a mini-LED and a fresh swath of colors. The upcoming model may also include a MagSafe connector, along with one Thunderbolt 4 port on either side. Unfortunately, we do not expect these Thunderbolt 4 ports to arrive with eGPU support, as Apple omitted the featureon the 2021 MacBook Air range.

Since the M2 is expected to launch in the second half of 2022, do not expect the new MacBook Air to be available until the third quarter of the same year, with a previous report claiming that mass productionof this version will start from that period. If you already own an M1 MacBook Air, there is little reason for you to upgrade, unless of course, you prefer seeing that aesthetics upgrade of the 2022 MacBook Air in your possession.

News Source: AppleInsider

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