Download watchOS 6.2.5 Final for Apple Watch with Improvements
Download watchOS 6.2.5 Final for Apple Watch with Improvements
Jul 13, 2024 5:34 PM

Apple Watch users can now download the new watchOS 6.2.5 software update with a handful of improvements right away.

watchOS 6.2.5 is Now Available for Download, Grab it Over the Air Now with Improvements and Fixes

Apple Watch is slowly and gradually picking up some nice updates along the way. The latest one is watchOS 6.2.5, and here are all the changes which it brings to Apple Watch users around the world:

watchOS 6.2.5 changelog

Though the changelog does not mention this, but the watchOS 6.2.5 adds new Pride faces to Apple Watch and enables ECG in Saudi Arabia if you have a Series 4 or Series 5 Apple Watch.

As you'd expect, the new update is available for Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2 and Series 1 users only. If you have the OG Apple Watch with you, then you are definitely not invited to the latest update party, sorry. In fact, if your iPhone is running iOS 12 and you have the latest Series 5 update, you cannot download watchOS 6.2.5. Your iPhone must be running the latest update, too.

In order to download the update over the air immediately, start off by placing your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger and follow the steps outlined below:

Connect your iPhone to a work Wi-Fi networkPlease make sure that both your iPhone and Apple Watch have 50% or more battery remainingLaunch the Watch app on iPhoneNavigate to General > Software UpdateTap on Download and Install as soon as the watchOS 6.2.5 update shows up

If you are downloading a watchOS update for the first time ever, then you should know that these things take a lot of time in certain cases. Best case scenario, you'll be done within twenty minutes. Worst case? An hour. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform these updates overnight in order to save yourself from all the hassle. Also make sure that you don't play round with your iPhone as long as the update is in progress. The last thing you need right now is a doorstop Apple Watch.

We always recommend that you install watchOS updates immediately as they tend to improve crucial aspects of the wearable, especially if you are someone who makes use of the Workout app a lot. You really, really don't want the app to crash on your wrist during a workout only to realize that your entire progress for the day has been lost. These updates ensure that everything is as stable and zippy as possible.

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