How to Enable Accent Color for Taskbar and Start Menu on Windows 11
How to Enable Accent Color for Taskbar and Start Menu on Windows 11
Apr 24, 2024 6:07 AM

One of the changes you see when you upgrade to Windows 11 is the taskbar and Start menu. The centered start menu and taskbar can be customized and personalized further, and it doesn’t take long. This tutorial will show you how to enable Accent color for the taskbar and start menu on Windows 11.

Enable Accent Color Windows 11

When you change themes, the color of the taskbar changes to match the theme. However, if you wish for a different color, you can use the registry editor to carry out desired changes. Before you make any changes in the editor, always make a system restore point. After you have created a system restore point, follow the steps below:

Step-1: Open the Run box using shortcut keys Win + R.

Step-2: Type regedit and press Enter.

Enable Accent Color Windows 11

Step-3: You will be asked, do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click Yes.

Step-4: Type the following path in the address bar at the top of the window and press Enter:


Registry Editor

Step-5: In the left pane, select Personalize.

Step-6: Locate ColorPrevalence in the right pane and double-click it.

Enable Accent Color Windows 11

Step-7: Enter 1 in Value data. Press OK.

Enable Accent Color Windows 11

Step-8: The changes will appear as soon as you press OK. However, if they don’t, restart your system.

If you want to reverse the changes, follow all the steps above but in step-7, enter 0 in Value data.

I hope this helps customize your system. Let us know in the comments below.

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