Silence Notifications And Camera Shutter Sounds On Galaxy S6
Silence Notifications And Camera Shutter Sounds On Galaxy S6
Jun 15, 2024 9:58 AM

Samsung has enjoyed spotlight on the Galaxy S6 for one of the best cameras in the Industry. The 16 megapixel shooter with a Quad HD display has capabilities to produce best images coming out of a smartphone. However, sometimes it gets annoying to hear all the camera notifications and camera shutter sounds on the Galaxy S6. So we are hear to let you guys know of a trick that will prohibit the S6 to make unwanted noise.

camera comparison Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9

While some variants of the Galaxy S6 come with a feature to silent the camera shutter sounds, some still have the feature missing. The shutter sound can be eliminated in the app's setting menu. On the other hand the camera shutter may not be as annoying as the sound on the video recording side. The beep at the start and end of the video recording becomes part of the natural intake, which doesn't seem natural at all. So lets get on with eliminating these camera sounds on the Galaxy S6.

SilentCam S6 Silences All Notifications And Sounds In The Camera Mode

The SilentCam S6 application is developed by Jawomo which will eliminate all unnecessary camera noises plus notification of your S6 device while shooting pictures and videos. Follow theses simple steps.

Start installing the app by searching for SilentCam S6 app from the Google Play Store and tap on install.Once the SilentCam S6 app is installed, open it and activate the plugin by tapping on 'App is disabled' button on the top left corner of the screen.ApplicationNext to the SilentCam S6 option, toggle the the switch in the menu as shown in the screenshot.MenuAgree to any access pop-up that might prompt and you're all set to shutting the device up in the camera mode!Camera Shutter

Now, open the camera app on your Galaxy S6 and give it a try. Take a picture and you will notice the shutter sound being silent. Same goes for video recording beeps. You will also notice that device notifications are also silent while the S6 is in camera mode. Since the name of this application is SilentCam S6, it does not specifically reflect controls on the S6 alone but other android smartphones can also benefit from this application. That's all for now, do give SilenCam S6 a swirl and let us know in the comments how you liked it.

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